Romantic Getaways Any Couple Can Afford

There’s nothing better than being able to take some time out with your partner and forget about the stresses of everyday life, while enjoying each others bodies in a beautiful location or setting. It can do wonders to help save your relationship or reset both of your emotional counters and is definitely something I would recommend for people who have been in a relationship together for a long time or are starting to feel the stagnation is welling them down. There are literally hundreds of thousands of places you can go to for a romantic getaway in the world, but my personal favorite has to be Peru. While traveling there might set you back a bit (because it’s pretty far from everything), once you’re there – it’s like you’re in a totally different time period. macho pichuThere’s very little noise, traffic and air pollution and the natural beauty is overwhelmingly beautiful. It’s also a pretty affordable country, so you can afford to spend your time in luxury without worrying about wrecking your savings or creating a mountain of debt for yourselves. I would personally recommend staying in either Arequipa or Lima as they’re favorites among tourists and have all the amenities you’d need for a luxury romantic getaway. While you’re in Peru, I would definitely recommend visiting Machu Picchu – there’s something breathtakingly overwhelming about this ancient site and the scene will be sure to inspire you and leave you feeling refreshed (plus the exercise of physically getting there will do wonders for your mind and get you feeling like you’ve hit the restart button). Definitely not something you’ll ever regret doing, I promise.

Just go camping you get away from the kids and all the hustle and bustle of life and just get to relax for a few days. Just get a tent and a couple sleeping bags and go into the woods.Get some food that is easy to cook over an open fire. Hot dogs are a solid choice to bring they are easy to cook and easy to eat without needing plates and other cutlery. camping1Building a fire is fun we all like playing with fire. There are plenty of other fun things to do in the wilderness as well. Throwing rocks and sticks is really fun, all the things you weren’t allowed to do when you were a kid. Your parents never let you throw rocks and sticks because they are fun killers. Or maybe because it is not a safe thing to do for kids. I get why kids shouldn’t throw rocks and sticks, but adults can throw rocks and sticks and probably not hurt anyone. It is a fun activity to stack rocks and then throw other rocks at the stack of rocks to try and knock over the stack. It’s fun to knock stuff over. So a cheap vacation is going camping with your friends and partners. Then making a fire and stacking some rocks and then throwing stuff at the stack of rocks. It is a blast.

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