Natural living – Is There Such a Thing?

The reason why i called my blog LmMental is because i believe the things i write about should be elemental in our lives. In the future i will be posting more blogs about what i feel should be elemental here at

Are we all living so unnaturally, that we must go back to some older, more primitive ways? I mean, what is stopping people from taking it too far, and to start cutting out working plumbing, electricity, and computers? Is that not living more naturally? And who is to say that such a thing is “too far”?

Well, to be clear, some people do that. They completely disconnect, and they want to live as naturally as possible, without any modernity. That is their choice, and I respect it. However, when most of us say ‘natural living’ what we really mean is living and conducting ourselves in a less harmful way. This became a “thing” only because we have been neglecting ourselves and our habitat for a while, now.Riding bikes

In other words, we don’t all want to have a gas-guzzling SUV, and we consider a bicycle to be more natural. We don’t all use hair and body products laced with chemicals, synthetic-fragrances, and preservatives – we consider cosmetic products made with essential oils to be more natural.

So, it is a fine line, and we all tread it. After all, even the most natural cosmetic product is a product. It was probably mass-produced in a factory, shipped using modern methods, and bought by you, most likely in a shop or store of some kind, using modern conveniences.

Same with the bicycle. It is made in a country where many more of these bicycles were produced. It is made of materials like aluminum and types of plastic or rubber. And when you need to maintain it or repair it, you use modern tools and aids. Or, you go to a bike shop. Maybe even pay with a credit card.

The point is, we all have our own take on what constitutes natural living. More 100% naturaloften than not, we don’t mean natural living, so much as we mean less harmful living. And there is something to that, to be sure. It comes into contact with our daily lives, all the time. It has to do with what we eat, how we sleep, who we choose to live and love with – everything we do is some expression of what we consider to be the least (or most) harmful way of existence.

What you consider natural may be very unnatural to others. It doesn’t make you wrong, it simply makes you different. We are here to celebrate diversity and life, so the next time you look at a product or service which boasts 100% natural on it – take a minute to think about what that means to you.