Bed Head Recovery

bed head wax Hey, let me tell you – they don’t call it ‘recovery’ for nothing. This duo of Bed Head products by Tigi (love that name, by the way!) is aimed at getting hair back on track. We live in a world which contains many elements, and thanks to the industrial revolution and other factors, many of the potentially-harmful elements are in the air! Huzzah!

Well, not to sound too preachy or whiny or characteristically ungrateful, but it is true. There is too much pollution, too much waste everywhere, and our hair suffers from it. Not to mention the rest of us, right? But at this time, let’s discuss the hairy side of things. There is a lot more to the environment than meets the eye.

This Tigi Bed Head shampoo and conditioner was reviewed by Maple Holistics, and I tend to agree with what they were saying. It cleanses, but doesn’t do anything too extreme. It is a mild cleanser, and it doesn’t claim to be anything but that. It is best to use the two as a duo, as a set, but it is not a must by any means. Even just the shampoo is good enough to get your hair feeling better, cleaner, smoother, and more vital. Which in turn helps you feel better, cleaner, smoother, and more vital!frizzy hair

It is not by accident that sometimes you wake up with a bad hair day. Hair has a lot of meaning, and it is not just a superficial thing. There is a reason why evolution chose to let us keep the hair on our heads, after all. We are one of the only hairless mammals out there, and yet we have a bunch of it on our heads, of all places. Not a given situation at all, especially if you take a closer look at other species.

Okay, now we come to one of my favorite things about this shampoo and conditioner duo – the scent. I absolutely love the smell of these products, and it is one of the best things about them. It is a scent that lingers, and even though fragrances are a highly subjective and personal issue, just about everyone agrees with me on this – my hair smells awesome. As we all know, scent plays a big role in human interaction. Is it as big as in a dog’s world? Of course not. But still, scent haTIGI-Bed-head-Urban-Anti-Dotes-Re-Energize-Conditioners a place in our hearts, whether we care to admit it or not.

Tigi, the company, has been around for some time. They have a variety of products, including waxes – not a fan, btw…

You don’t have to use these on a regular basis, either. I mean, yes, they are considered to be aimed at creating a kind of routine – the shampoo on a daily, etc. – but even an occasional use can bring about some benefits. The ingredients are ones which cleanse but don’t leave your scalp devoid of its natural properties. Obviously, this also changes depending on what products you use already, and on your genetics.

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