“Tea Tree Or Not Tea Tree”

Tea Tree, Melaleuca alternifolia Foster Purchased 2011

“Tea Tree or not Tea Tree” that is the question. I am an avid health junkie. I have tried
everything from Sweat Lodges to Colonic Irrigations and everything in between! I spent at least
six months of my life being Vegan. I remember juicing every day – mind you I was living in
Australia at the time and so I was constantly living in the Sun (Vitamin D) – so that most certainly
contributed to feeling fantastic – or “awesome” as the Aussies would have me say! So yeah, I
was juicing every day, living under the warm Aussie sun (with caution), residing close to the sea,
trying out new natural essential oils and essential oil based Shampoos and Conditioners. I
remember one of my faves was a Tea Tree oil Shampoo and Conditioner that I would often buy
in a health food shop in Byron Bay. Oh my, this place was a haven anyhow but they seriously had
the best oils a girl could find. I would experiment (safely of course) with making new kinds of
body oils and creams for myself and basically glide around Byron smelling and feeling like a
walking flower!
Tea Tree I must say saved me on many occasions. The natural oil itself has so many benefits
including helping to aid and heal; acne and small pimples, bacterial infections, cold sores, ear-
aches, fungal infections, psoriasis, dry cuticles, itchy insect bites, boils and more! It’s an
incredible oil and one I try not to leave home without.

A typical day for me in the land of the Australians would be, wake up in my really nice hostel
dorm room and my bed of course. Go downstairs and have a good breakfast; anything from
smoothies with all kinds of greens and herbs and well just good stuff to yummy scrummy
porridge and other wondrous breakfast treats. I would then hang out with a few people and laze
around talking about anything from love and peace to the wings of politics to shared stories and
tales of love and loss and sharing in our dreams and travel plans – ahh those were the days!
Anyway! I would then possibly attend a few classes like Didgeridoo making or some form or art
or a yoga class. I would then venture into town and pick up some goodies along the way for my
seaside picnic and I would either head to the beach and then on the way back hit the health
store for my daily fix on new health products and books and oils and body creams and and
and…. I don’t think I have ever been as healthy as that. I really was living like a queen for a year
of my life.

tea-tree-oil 1
I would finish the day after a day on sand and sea by going back to the incredible hostel full of
lovely people from all over the world where it actually felt more like a community with people
coming and going of course. I would meet up with my new found buddies, maybe catch a movie
in the cinema house they had next door (with lie down seats by the way) – i.e. you could lounge
and watch in the latest of movies from the newest in Hollywood to the artiest of art house
movies. We’d maybe all go out for dinner after or catch a hot chai! Man oh man, those really
were the days and the days that brought a smile to my face greater than the tallest of

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