The Rise of E-Learning

There are many massive online open course (MOOC) websites online. Some of them are more popular than others, and they all have at least one thing in common – their goal.

The goal of MOOC sites (aka e-learning sites) is to impart wisdom and educate in a new way. No longer will the class be huddled together in some lecture hall or classroom. Those days are gone, but not forgotten.

Classrooms are no longer a necessityClassrooms are no longer a necessity, what with computers being available to such a large amount of the population. The idea behind e-learning is that a student can learn at their own pace, on their own time (or their employer’s time, if that be the case), and gain the knowledge they need in a particular subject.

Sites like Udemy and Cousera are well-know by now, as are Microsoft’s virtual academy for IT, and sites like Lynda and Treehouse. E-learning is becoming more popular by the day, because it is easy, more user-friendly, and it can get results if the students apply themselves.

With some categories, such as IT, it is easy to see how the e-learning platform would be a great success. This may not be the case with other categories and classes, but every website is different. Some have quality university lectures, some have user-generated content, and some have content made at the websites headquarters. It is a very diverse world, and that is part of what makes it so accessible.

Beginnings are tough. The advantage that e-learning has over many other educational methods, is that the student can study at his or her own time. The student decides what to learn, when, where, and how. Sometimes, if a specific subject has several teachers, the student can even choose which teacher to study from.

MOOCs websites are growingMOOCs websites are growing, and it is not hard to see why. The internet has given birth to a new way of gaining information. Not using it for purposes such as this would be a grave error. Some may say that e-learning will never truly replace the classic teacher/classroom paradigm, but only time will tell.

Right now, business is booming for the e-learning sites, and so it should. Many people, all over the world, are thirsty for knowledge that they could not necessarily obtain without the internet. Sites which promote knowledge and learning will always have a place online. In a way, you can say it’s what the internet was truly designed for.

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The Many Advantages to Argan Oil

I had mentioned in an earlier article about the need and or want for people to use natural ingredient cosmetic products. In this article I discuss one of my favorite essential oils.

Argan essential oil may have originated in Morocco, but it is now all over the world. It is a part of everyday life for hundreds of thousands of people who seek to live a more natural lifestyle.

Argan seedWhether it is in their shampoo, on their plate, or on their tummy (goodbye, stretch marks!) – people love using argan oil. The argan tree earned its nickname “the tree of life”, by being such a staple to the natives of morocco and Algeria. It has so many health benefits and cosmetic benefits, it is a wonder the western world didn’t discover this tree sooner.

The argan is a lovely-looking tree, and its oils (originating from its fruit) are like liquid gold in color. Once I started using argan oil in my hair, I found that I didn’t want to use any other kind of shampoo. It protects the hair and scalp from damage and premature aging. There are so many harmful chemicals in the air around us, it is inevitable that some of it will end up on our head. Using argan can help counter the harmful effects of the environment, and it encourages the skin to produce newer, healthier cells.

Applying this oil – always in moderation, by the way – can also encourage hair growth, on top of general scalp health. Those of us with hair issues are sure to benefit from the fruit of the Argan tree, and the great thing about this is that you can see results pretty fast. Massage some oil into your scalp, and watch as your hair strengthens and thickens over time. I found a company called Maple Holistics that produces many natural cosmetics using essential oils like Argan.

Is it 100% effective? Not necessarily. Nothing is. Some individuals may find that itshe puts the oil on her skin does not have that promised positive effect on them. It could be for so many reasons, and I wouldn’t presume to know what any specific person’s issues are. I can only use my own experience. And, in my humble opinion, argan oil is one of the greatest discoveries I made in my early 20’s. I actually found it under the name Moroccan oil.

Argan contains vitamin E and fatty acids. It is one of the best ways to moisturize and hydrate, whether it is skin, scalp, or hair. It is even said to help relieve the pain of arthritis. I wouldn’t know about that one, though. Not planning on getting arthritis anytime soon.

Natural living – Is There Such a Thing?

The reason why i called my blog LmMental is because i believe the things i write about should be elemental in our lives. In the future i will be posting more blogs about what i feel should be elemental here at

Are we all living so unnaturally, that we must go back to some older, more primitive ways? I mean, what is stopping people from taking it too far, and to start cutting out working plumbing, electricity, and computers? Is that not living more naturally? And who is to say that such a thing is “too far”?

Well, to be clear, some people do that. They completely disconnect, and they want to live as naturally as possible, without any modernity. That is their choice, and I respect it. However, when most of us say ‘natural living’ what we really mean is living and conducting ourselves in a less harmful way. This became a “thing” only because we have been neglecting ourselves and our habitat for a while, now.Riding bikes

In other words, we don’t all want to have a gas-guzzling SUV, and we consider a bicycle to be more natural. We don’t all use hair and body products laced with chemicals, synthetic-fragrances, and preservatives – we consider cosmetic products made with essential oils to be more natural.

So, it is a fine line, and we all tread it. After all, even the most natural cosmetic product is a product. It was probably mass-produced in a factory, shipped using modern methods, and bought by you, most likely in a shop or store of some kind, using modern conveniences.

Same with the bicycle. It is made in a country where many more of these bicycles were produced. It is made of materials like aluminum and types of plastic or rubber. And when you need to maintain it or repair it, you use modern tools and aids. Or, you go to a bike shop. Maybe even pay with a credit card.

The point is, we all have our own take on what constitutes natural living. More 100% naturaloften than not, we don’t mean natural living, so much as we mean less harmful living. And there is something to that, to be sure. It comes into contact with our daily lives, all the time. It has to do with what we eat, how we sleep, who we choose to live and love with – everything we do is some expression of what we consider to be the least (or most) harmful way of existence.

What you consider natural may be very unnatural to others. It doesn’t make you wrong, it simply makes you different. We are here to celebrate diversity and life, so the next time you look at a product or service which boasts 100% natural on it – take a minute to think about what that means to you.